Early childhood education success stories

Early childhood education student and graduate profiles

Certificate in Early Childhood Education (Level 5) 

Danielle Jones

Danielle Jones shares her experience with NZTC and how she balanced her study commitments with an elite sporting career.

Graduate Diploma in Teaching (ECE) 

Cloyd D’Mello

For musician and former Mumbai resident Cloyd D’Mello, a desire to take his skills in a new direction led him to the life-changing decision to study early childhood education in New Zealand.

Bachelor of Teaching (ECE)

Rebecca Warnock

For Rebecca Warnock, the flexibility of studying online meant that she could use her learnings in her everyday teaching practice.

Graduate Diploma in Teaching (ECE) 

Priyanka Mathur

“Watching children grow and question things is so rewarding. No two days are ever the same. I could never have an office job!”

Bachelor of Teaching (ECE) 

James Lochead-MacMillan

Enthusiastic and enterprising, New Zealand Tertiary College has been honoured to help this former health and safety advisor find his place in early childhood education.

From strength to strength: a staff interview

Lecturers Ra and Roimata talk to us on the eve of their graduation

Graduate Diploma in Teaching (ECE) 

Gemma Stevens

Gemma is using her qualification to empower deaf and hearing impaired children.

Bachelor of Teaching (ECE)

Lisa Englebretsen

Head Teacher Lisa is the driving force of her Taupo centre.

Bachelor of Teaching (ECE) 

Annie Tikaram

Annie is flourishing at her centre – and so is her beautiful new project.

Postgraduate Diploma in Education (ECE)

Devika Rathore

Devika opens up on studying the Postgrad in New Zealand, making friends and learning online.